Zen Habits

I recommend a Zen Habits blog by Leo Babauta at zenhabits.net

His guidance for simplicity, meditation, focus, ways to implement good habits… I am finding all of this very related to forx trading!

Think about this. Good habits, which Leo on his blog provides lots of ideas how to build, are something you need to become a consistently profitable trader: habit to journal the trades, to test new systems, to properly review the markets, to approach trading in a calm and controlled way, etc.

Another one is simplicity that he is calling for… simple trading systems are ususally the ones that work best. Often thing as simple as buying on the break of the candle that touched the EMA 20, if we a re in an uptrend is better than a very complex system with lots of indicators.

See it for yourself 🙂
I am finding Zen Habits materials very helpful and I hope you will as well.

BTW, I am repeating myself, I shared a link to this back in my January 2014 post 😉